Dell XPS Series Celebrity viral video campaign

  On July-06, the Episode 9 of XPS series viral video was released to support XPS 14 launch, featured by HK artist Edison Chen. And this video generated huge buzz in market and proved as the most successful case of XPS campaign. XPS 12 viral   BACKGROUND   To build up XPS as a premium sub-brand under Dell to drive the whole portfolio of Dell >$1,500 high price band products and beat Apple/SONY, we must bring more added value to the XPS brand rather than traditional ‘value for money’ image of Dell. The target consumer is creative class among affluent professionals, the key barrier for them to choose XPS over MacBook is ‘social risk’: Dell is perceived as serious boring ‘value-for-money’ businessman while Apple is the icon of creative/innovative/aspirational lifestyle. That’s why even more & more businessman are converted to MacBook just because they believe they are not boring person but with creativity inside.     The key objective of XPS viral video campaign is to feature series of typical MacBook potential users (especially opinion leaders with huge fans base among creative class), tagging on their personal life event together with hot social topic, we created series of interesting viral video to demonstrate how they were being attracted by XPS’s beautiful ID or specific strong features and become a XPS fans. These video are broadcasted mainly on social media site and video site with very low media investment due to budget limitation, but they already generated huge social buzz and positive feedback from market.     This campaign started from Nov.2011 to support XPS 14z launch in China, 5 celebrities were selected including GAOYUAN (Photographer), LIMENGXIA (Publisher), JIANGFANGZHOU (Writer), JINXING (Dancer), WUXIUBO (Actor) to feature XPS 14z key selling points (frameless screen, thin and light, Graphic Card, Beautiful ID…). In Mar.2012, the Season 2 viral video was released to support XPS 13 launch, Chinese top VJ CAIKANGYONG, top TV drama actress ZHANGXINYI were featuring how they desperate to buy a new XPS 13 just because its ultra slim ID and ultra-strong features. In July-Aug, we plan to release Edison Chen & CHEN Man (Photographer) to support XPS 14 & XPS 15.     WHY EDISON   Edison Chen (born 7 October 1980) is a Hong Kong film actor, musician, producer, entrepreneur, and fashion designer. Chen is also the founder of CLOT Inc., and the CEO of Clot Media Division Limited. His native language is English, he is able to speak and sing Cantonese and Mandarin and also speaks conversational Japanese, which allows him to be a part of multiple entertainment industries around the world. On 21 February 2008 he publicly announced that he intended to suspend his career in Hong Kong entertainment industry due to the sex photo scandal (his personal photo with celebrity girlfriends was leaked to internet when he put his computer to carry in service place). However, most people feel empathy for him, during the past 4 years he kept silence & ran his fashion business by himself in a positive way, he revealed his apologies to the individuals affected by the case in an interview with TalkAsia on CNN, and he has proved to be a responsible person under huge pressures & criticisms from public. That’s why he still own one of largest fan base in China on WEIBO (9,991,815).     He is a typical tech geek especially a Mac user (where his photo leaked), moreover he is a well-known actor with his own fashion brand. He is controversial however mostly are positive. Experienced peak and trough period but still can work out and achieve successes. No fear to face difficulties and persevere to be success is breaking point to feature the key selling point of XPS 14: 11hrs long standby time.     Since 2011, he had a full return to the industry, brand endorsement including UNILIVER, ADIDAS, ZUCHE (China No.1 car rental brand), his new Album released in July 2012 & new movie ‘Initial D2’ will be released later 2012.  

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